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Set of 4 Toca life Edible Cake Toppers - Precut on Wafer Paper, Sugar Sheet, or without cutting Chocotransfer

Set of 4 Toca life Edible Cake Toppers - Precut on Wafer Paper, Sugar Sheet, or without cutting Chocotransfer

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Edible cake toppers are a fantastic way to add a special touch to your cake.

These toppers come precut, making them incredibly easy to use. Simply stand them up in buttercream or icing for a quick and easy decoration.

Each precut topper has a small white border to help the image stand out and look its best.

They range in size from approximately 8-18 cm in height and are printed using edible ink on edible wafer card. Please keep in mind that printing on an edible medium is not the same as printing on regular paper, so images may not be as bright and vivid. However, I have adjusted the printing settings to make them as vibrant as possible.

There are several types of edible paper available, including waffle paper, sugar sheets, and chocolate transfer sheets. Each type has unique properties and is best suited for different applications.

Edible decorations are made from special types of paper that can be used to decorate baked goods, confections, and other food products. The main differences between the types of paper are their thickness, properties, and application method.

The main types of edible paper are:

Waffle paper standard Modecor: thin paper made from potato starch, used for decorating baked goods and confections. Size A4, thickness 0.55 mm. To preserve the image, it is recommended to cover it with a neutral cold preparation gel. Shelf life - 18 months.

Waffle paper ultra-thin Modecor: thin paper made from potato starch, used to create the illusion that the image is printed directly on the baked good. Size A4, thickness 0.30 mm. It is highly flexible and suitable for decorating the sides of cakes. To preserve the image, it also needs to be covered with a neutral cold preparation gel. Shelf life - 18 months.

Sugar sheet Modecor: thin sheet of fondant for decorating confections. It is an improved version of edible paper and is used for printing bright and vivid images with the help of food printers. Size A4. No additional coating is required.

Chocolate transfer or chocotransfer (without cutting Size A4): used for transferring images onto chocolate and confectionery glaze. The transfer sheet is applied to the surface of the chocolate or glaze, and the design is transferred to the surface of the product.


🌟 Gel for Edible Paper - Modecor Tube 🌟
This gel is used for coating edible paper images to enhance colors or to adhere them to a covered cake. One package is sufficient for approximately 3 cakes. 🎂✨

Detailed Product Description:

Ingredients: Glucose syrup, sugar (29%), water, gelling agent: E406, acidifier: E330, preservative: E202. May contain traces of: milk, sulfur dioxide, nuts, soy. 🥛🌰🍫
Weight: 50g ⚖️
Apply a thin layer of the gel to the back of the edible paper image to help it stick to the cake surface. Alternatively, apply the gel on top of the image to give it a glossy finish and make the colors more vibrant. ✨🖌️


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Please note that all copyrights and trademarks of the character images used belong to their respective owners and are not being sold. This is not a licensed product. You are paying for my time and customization of your item(s), and I do not claim ownership of any of the characters or graphics.

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